1.) Why are companies willing to pay survey takers? What is the need for them to have those survey forms?

Companies selling products or services will need some research on their market overview at the introduction period of a product. If they wanted to make an onsite research, where they conduct the research from their office, they will require a call centre and some aggressive marketing campaign to be conducted. Ever experienced of unwanted calls from this product and asking you some irritating questions over the phone? Well companies do not want any more to lose a customer then and there and they DO NOT want to spend large amounts of money for this when they can have millions of people around the world for a much cheaper price to do the same. What is more? They get it done cheaper and in large numbers. At the end of the day they will have facts and figures about their product and move on to their next marketing plan.


2.) Do you require special knowledge on computer science or IT and do you require some software to be installed in your computer?

Absolutely NO! You do not want any SCIENCE knowledge about computers to conduct online surveys. All you want is a bit of English and the ability to handle the computer mouse, the keyboard and email. You will not be asked to install software in your computer, but you might want to use your email for the purpose of receiving projects.

3.) How long will it take for me to complete a survey

A survey will usually consist of 20-100 questions. To complete that you may require half an hour to about two hours the maximum. It all depends on the survey you take on and your experience. As you get familiar with the questions asked in the survey sheets, you are well prepared to answer them. At the beginning we recommend you take a little more time and try to provide a quality output until you gain experience to increase the phase.

4.) How can I trust the companies? Will they reserve my privacy upon completing the survey?

If you register with a trusted online survey website you will be guaranteed to protect yourself from unwanted trouble. These big survey providers only want your opinion. After all you are one of their clients as well. You can make a bigger impact on their product than their whole marketing team. They want you back. Therefore they will provide you with the money they promised and the survey will merely be some information for them to assess their product.

5.) How do they pay?

They can pay you by direct deposit, wire transfer or even by PayPal. Whichever method you are comfortable with. If the company is in the same country as you reside you might want to consider the direct deposit option as it saves you money from transaction fees. Wire transfer is the safest method to get money from foreign countries fast.

You may look into their payment methods to confirm that you are comfortable with the methods they have. Most of the companies are willing to pay you in all the methods, but the transaction fee will probably be deducted from you.

Even with a very basic knowledge of computers, you can take up online survey work


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